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With over thirty years of optical engineering, camera and camera rig design, the Kerner engineering department is widely respected for their track record of breakthrough developments. Using engineering and production experience gained over three decades and 200 feature films, our team has developed the Kernercam stereoscopic capture systems.

The Kernercam is a camera-agnostic beam-splitter capture system that comes in a variety of configurations including set-ups for both cinematic and broadcast production. The Kernercam uses industry standard controllers, making the systems very user friendly and eliminating your need for a specialist operator.

The original Kernercam, the KC1000, first used for pick-up shots on Journey to the Center of the Earth, principal  photography on The Butler’s in Love and for 3D elements for the new Star Tours 3D experience, was designed for internal use by Kerner Optical, formerly part of Industrial Light & Magic. The Kernercam’s ease of use, innovative features and design specifications soon caught industry attention prompting our team to undertake further development resulting in the KC7000 -- a smaller, versatile, user-friendly 3D capture system designed by a team with over 30 years of camera engineering experience.

The Kernercam Mounting Systemmakes it possible for the Kernercam to be pre-calibrated, set up and transported, as checked baggage, to your location where it can be reassembled and ready to shoot in under twenty minutes.

The Kernercam has been used on a number of feature films including 3D elements for Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean IV and, more recently, action miniatures on Transformers III.

The KC7000 made its NAB debut in 2010 when our first broadcast customer, NHK Broadcasting, displayed one of their units at the show. NHK has been using Kernercam’s intensely for over a year for 3D television content.

Kernercam - Stereoscopic Capture Made Easy
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"It's a better way of looking at a film ... I totally believe now that
3-D will completely take over just like color did." GEORGE LUCAS